How can St.Vincent help you and your family live more healthful lives? Let us know, and we’ll send you this handy first aid kit–free! Just take a couple of minutes to fill out this simple, confidential form that will help us keep you current with exactly the health information you need. We’ll keep you up to date–and send you the first aid kit as our gift. (Due to limited supply, first-aid kits are available to Indiana residents only.)

Looking for a free health resource regardless of where you live? Download the 4Kids Health App – available as a free download for iPhone and Android OS.

The free first aid kit form is temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon for this offer. Thank you.

207 Responses to Free First Aid Kit

  1. Laura Burnett says:

    My son will be having surgery this thursday, So I look forward to seeing your hospital and what all you have to offer me and my family.

  2. Bonnie says:

    We use St Vincent all the time. Great physicians and nurses.

  3. we go to st. vincents for everything we cant use our primary dr. for. They have great dr.’s and a wonderful staff. Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you have provided the public and my family.



  5. Melissa says:

    Loving care @ St. Vincents Pedicatic Hospital

  6. dawnielle fulford says:

    St. Vincents is a wonderful hospital. We take my daughter to the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital now , and my son was born at the St. Vincent’s Women’s Hospital. They have great staffs who are really helpful and caring!

  7. Kristi Conley says:

    My grandson was 1 mo. old when he had to go to Peyton Manning chirldrens hospital @ St. Vincent if it weren’t for the doc.’s and staff he we would not have him with us now. They also found out he had other problems we were not aware of and is helping him survive these. Thank You All

  8. Angel says:

    I love this hospital. Very courteous

  9. Krissie says:

    St VIncent is one stp shopping for all our health care needs it seems?!

  10. Qtia says:

    I love what we stand for, Integrity, Wisdom, Dedication, Reverence, Creativity, and Service of the Poor.

  11. nanna says:

    my 10 year old needs help with alopecia

    • St.Vincent Editorial Staff says:


      If you’d like advice on kids’ alopecia, call 338-KIDS! Nurses are available every day to answer questions like yours.

  12. Karen says:

    My daughter had a surgery at St. Vincent’s the summer of 2011. The care she received was exceptional. Very loving environment. Staff made sure she and I were both comfortable. No questions were left unanswered. Cleanliness was outstanding!

    • Thank-you for the first aid kit ,and most of all for the Care and Comfort and Love you gave to a little boy Peyton Warren my sister-in laws grand son He is truely missed by everyone and his grandmas and grandpas hearts are so empty with out him I will say Thank-You again and that would not be enough Deborah Warren

  13. Brenda Baker says:

    I have worked for St. Vincent for many years and love the spirit of compassion and caring…together we can make wonderful things happen to better ourselves, the public and those we are privileged to care for.

  14. Teresa Fisher says:

    I have worked for St. Vincent Health for almost 5 years and I would not work for any other system. Just last friday 2 of my nephews had surgery at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and the compassion their nurses had was amazing. It just reminds me of why I like St. Vincent.

  15. Anna Yena says:


  16. Michelle Clarkson says:

    A few years ago my son was having bladder issues, He went to Riley a couple times they couldn’t figure it out, I requested St Vincents, and with the help of one of his teachers, the doctor was able to determine the cause…..come to find out his bladder problem was only an underlying problem caused by something else….The doctor talked to my son first and then me and I liked they they wanted the child’s view, I was really pleased with the outcome

  17. teresa alsup says:

    my daughter is 4 has had asthema since she was 1 peyton manning hospital has been wonderful dr.sufi is wonderful we go every 3 months he has never gave up on victoria he always looks into how to help her better teresa alsup

  18. Magge says:

    We love Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at St. Vincent. Dr. Maisel and Dr. Escobar are absolutely amazing.

  19. Karen says:

    Helpful info on website.

  20. JP says:

    Thank you!!!

  21. April says:

    I used the hot line and the lovely ladie was graet and helped me so much and made sure i under stood every thing and made sure i did not need any thing else i have told every one about the hot line

  22. Vicki Patterson says:

    My child was born at St. Vincent Hospital in the NICCU and the staff was very wonderful and professional when caring for my child. I love St. Vincent. It’s the best hospital in my opinion. Keep up the good work!

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  24. Monet Borla says:

    I am have grown up in medical setting with my world of issues but now nanny and health is very imprtant. It would be put to great use!

  25. Teresa Feiss says:

    Thanks for the first aid kit. With 2 boys. . .someone is always needing something!

  26. margaret ignatius says:

    I am a new mom. Giving birth is the wonderful thing(though it was very painful). It was an awesome feel and I am very thankful to my doctor and all nurses who attended me while i was in there.

  27. Tomala says:

    Great doctors great advice

  28. JOANNE DANO says:

    I have heard alot of goods things about your hospital

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  30. jenny cruz says:

    Thank you!! :)

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  32. Kristi McDowell says:

    Love this site and hospital… thanks for all you do!!!

  33. jennifer dionne henry says:

    thankyou for the info

  34. dalton says:

    so good of these wonderful people and staff

  35. Cathy says:

    Awesome website. Lots of useful information. Thank you!

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  37. ada qu says:

    thnx so much!!!!

  38. stephanie ray says:

    I love the website thank you so much..I also love your womens care… I feel so comfortable knowing that you guys care thank you

  39. Grace Melanson says:

    Thank you!

  40. jennifer says:

    thank you for the first aid kit

  41. Kristina Shearer says:

    Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the community!

  42. kd says:

    thank you.

  43. Shauna harper says:

    Thank you!

  44. angelette says:

    I would like to lead a more healthy life.

  45. Cathy Jo Baker says:

    Thank you!

  46. danny baxter says:

    you truely are a blessing to so many children thanks for all you do

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  48. Debbie says:

    Thank you!

  49. Tawnya says:


  50. Christy says:

    Thank you!

  51. Fronda Bridgmon says:

    Love St. Vincent Hospital. The staff is great.

  52. Mary says:

    Thank you!

  53. Ruby says:

    Health should always be a priority.

  54. Joanna says:

    looking to learn more.

  55. Kristen says:

    THANK YOU !!!!

  56. Patricia Carroll says:

    We are the parents of a precious eight month old and would love any information that would be helpful!

  57. Amanda Dougherty says:

    Thank you :)

  58. Jillian says:

    Thank you!!

  59. Andrea Fuller says:

    Would love to receive your information on children’s health. Thanks!

  60. penny says:

    Thank you so much for sll ypur help everyday.

  61. penny says:

    Thank you so much

  62. chris says:

    Wow that
    is all I can say!

  63. Dixon says:


  64. colleen says:

    Thank-you for all the care you give and the passion you have for the children.

  65. ann marie wilson says:

    thanks a bunch

  66. Kristen says:

    Thank u

  67. loretta says:

    My sister had excellent care

  68. Chris Lee says:


  69. Jennifer Burt says:

    St Vincent does nothing but Positive Things!

  70. matt says:

    Thank you for all you do!!

  71. Thelma says:

    Thank You to one and all.

  72. wayne says:

    would like any information on healthy living for myself and my family thank you

  73. Becky says:

    Thanks, for the educational material.

  74. tymeka anderson says:


  75. jennifer carter says:

    Thank you…..

  76. felicia mccutcheon says:

    My son falls down a lot he has his mothers grace and he loves band aids they make his boo boos better.

  77. cheryl tate says:

    Thank you

  78. angela williams says:

    Thanku. I live in galveston,tx and i am not insured, so the only medical help i can receive down here is at St. Vincent’s clinic. I’m not sure if they are affliated with u guys but they have been my only hope and im grateful.

  79. Margarita says:

    I would like to know some helpful activities to reduce stress in toddlers.

  80. Barb says:


  81. Yvonne Gentry says:

    Love it

  82. carrie says:

    thank you

  83. Becky Pinkerton says:

    Thank you My son has a peanut and Tree nut allergy so this will make carrying his meds around alot easier.. Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU!!!

  84. Colleen McDonald says:

    I would like to know what exercise I can do to make my arms smaller?

  85. Sahil says:

    Thank you

  86. mike says:

    thank you

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  88. s darnelle Echols says:

    Look forward to receiving informative informationthat will benefit me and first grandchild thanks

  89. Lori says:


  90. Jordy Berlin says:

    Got to be prepared.

  91. Patti LaMarche says:

    Thankyou for your exceptional care!!!

  92. Amber Righthouse says:


  93. kelly says:

    Always need to be prepared with 3 small children.

  94. kat says:

    thank you

  95. hollie says:

    Thank you

  96. Antonia Duran says:

    Thanks Soooo Much For My First Aid Kit ! It Really Helped Alot !!

  97. Vickianne Davis says:

    Thank you so Much ! ! !

  98. Cindy says:

    I’m a captain of the drill team at my school, so a first aid kit will really come in handy if an injury occurred!

  99. Portia B. says:

    Thank you for all the love and care you give to our families!

  100. wendy isbell says:

    thank you

  101. betty hart says:

    thank you

  102. Thank you. That is a wonderful gift.

  103. It is very seldom that you find someone giving such an incredible gift. Thank you.

  104. Steven Bramley says:


  105. angela adelman says:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  106. Deanna Wooton says:

    this page has alot of info!

  107. Patti Wilder says:

    Thank you so much..

  108. Kristy Franks says:

    This Is A Great Site It Has Alot Of Great Information Thanks So Much For Everything

  109. Sondra Vasilinda says:

    Love the site and hospital. Thank you so much. :)

  110. Wayne Boismier says:

    Thank you so very much

  111. Tina Newsome says:


  112. nicole mulvana says:

    Your symptom checker helps me a lot before I call the family doctor. Thank you.

  113. Erika says:

    Thank you!!!

  114. tenita shoats says:

    you guys are great

  115. Kumily Ann says:

    keep your caring and help going …..

  116. Terri says:


  117. Virginia Rogers says:

    Would love a kit, Thank you!!!!!

  118. angie says:

    its nice to be able to go somewhere and get trust worthy health information.

  119. kelly mcneil says:

    I look forward to all the information to help keep my family healthy.

  120. Karelyn says:

    Great Hospital!!!!

  121. Carol Lamkin says:


  122. jacquie says:

    thank you!

  123. diedra combs says:

    heard lots of great things about the hospital

  124. gertrude myrick says:

    I’m looking forward to the getting this information.

  125. Kathy says:

    My daughter will be visiting the neurology department the second week of Oct. for small nerve neuropathy issues. We look forward to meeting the doctor and seeing the hospital.

  126. kerry says:


  127. Thanks… For the help we truely appreciate it .

  128. Majida Lazkani says:

    We just moved to Indianapolis from Oregon. Are Saudi & Syrian. I loved St V’s in Portland. Look forward to Indy’s!

  129. Nancy says:

    I am helping to raise my grandkids as well as my own; I also am recovering from a brain injury from 2011. A first aid kit would be helpful with the children

  130. AUDRA PATTERSON says:

    just wanted to sat thankyou for all your help

  131. Andrea says:

    Thank you for the kit, it will come in very handy in my house. Kinda a walking accident.

  132. Eva says:

    I didn’t know everything you do and I’m glad I found your website.

  133. Stacy says:

    My daughter likes to pick at her scabs. I try to keep her from doing this and we go through band-aids so fast.

  134. donna j hern says:

    i am also raising my grandchildren one is 2 months old and just had a triple bypass every little bit helps thank you

  135. shannon says:

    I would love a free first aid kit to go in my emergency bag iam starting for me and my children for blackouts or anything that comes our way

  136. kim reece says:

    Thank u

  137. kim reece says:

    I appreciate it

  138. Brandie says:

    This will come in handy, thanks!

  139. Brandie russell says:

    Thank you for the free stuff

  140. tina says:

    very nice and friendly clean hospital one of the biggest hospital in NW PA

  141. afton Hoffman says:

    can’t wait to use it!

  142. April Jones says:

    appreciate it

  143. Ashley says:

    thank you

  144. sandy says:

    always running out of bandaids with my little boy around.Thanks

  145. Sammantha ray says:


  146. Sammantha ray says:

    Thank you

  147. katie voo says:

    thanx for the nice first aid kit your offering

  148. Eulalia says:

    We have three toddlers at home whom get scrapes n cuts from playing outside often. This kit will come in handy in my home. Thanks!

  149. Valari says:


  150. helen says:


  151. Love the hospital and staff! :)

  152. shanon says:

    Thank you

  153. Bridget Curley says:

    thank you

  154. Nicole says:

    My son is 10 and has severe asthma an mental health problems.. my daughter has hearing problems… more information on these things would be great.. :)

  155. Amber says:

    Thank you!

  156. Laura says:


  157. Lauren says:

    Both my nephews were born in St. Vincent, and I liked the quality of the hospital. I would recommend for people to go there instead of to another hospital.

  158. Carolyn says:

    Thank you !!!!! (-:

  159. carissa zapp says:

    Thank you thank you

  160. darlene says:

    Thanks for the first aid kit! Really looking forward to getting it!

  161. John says:

    Your website has lots of helpful information. Thank you for your help!

  162. Christeena Edwards says:

    I love your hospital.

  163. says:

    Thanks for the kit and the info!

  164. jane jakins says:


  165. timi ricketson says:

    thank you so much. this is very informative.

  166. dave says:

    the first aid kit will come in handy with my accident prone children

  167. kristina says:

    thank you!

  168. Brea says:


  169. Jenifer says:

    From a single mom with 3 little boys….thank you so much!!

  170. Carey says:

    Thanks so much!! My 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old boys are rough and always skinning something! We can’t thank you enough!

  171. Samuel Wells says:

    Thanks for the first aid kit , ours burned up with our camper when we lost everything, we are trying to get things back that was lost. Thanks again

  172. says:

    Love this Hospital!

  173. Candi says:


  174. Candi says:

    Thank you

  175. Jacqueline Padilla says:

    Hello everyone!! Wow what a cool website. Thank you very much for the information and free first aid kit!!!

  176. Samantha Schlieve says:

    Thank u so much!!

  177. Toya D Shupp says:

    Thank you so much for everything you do!!!!

  178. Andrea maxwell says:

    I love this hospital, so curteous and loving

  179. you sound like great people,where are you located

    • jenny says:

      The Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital is located just south of 86th Street between Naab Road and Harcourt Road. It’s on the back side of the main St.Vincent building that faces 86th Street, so you won’t see it right away. But with its unique design, it’s hard to miss!

  180. darlene wandell says:


  181. darlene wandell says:


  182. Melissa Simmons says:

    Thank you so very much for all you do!

  183. Carol Oropeza says:

    I am looking forward to receiving the free first aid kit and the information I requested. I think I forgot to request the “immediate care” information. If you have the information you could send with my request today, I would appreciate it, too. I am going to bookmark your page. Thank you so much!

  184. Esther says:

    Your web site is a life saver Thank you

  185. Dave Karja says:

    Thank You

  186. james says:

    Thanks for the kit

  187. says:

    Thank you so much.

  188. sharon nawrocki says:

    thank you so very much, this is for my grandchildren.

  189. Michael Smith says:

    Thank you for your kindness.

  190. theresa says:

    Thank you and God Bless each and every one of you who care for our children as if they were your own.

  191. bb says:

    thank you so much

  192. Frances says:

    Thank you so much as my 9 yr old grandson, who lives with me, is accident prone

  193. Cathy Bailey says:

    I have never visited this hospital, but I have heard nothing but good about it. Keep up the good work!!!

  194. Cathy Bailey says:

    A great place!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  195. Sandra VanderZwaag says:

    Thank you.

  196. Tammy Scroggins says:

    Thanks for the offer

  197. joanne horvath says:

    teenage problems and toddler bumps and bruises

  198. Lucy Pacino says:

    We dont have a first aid kit and my daughter recently scraped her knee and believe it or not! we didn’t have any band aids.
    i never really thought about bandaids before. this will really help me out :)

  199. Lisa Fisher says:

    St. Vincent had helped so many people in my community that are homeless. I think it’s a great thing your doing and would love to donate items because I know you help others in need.

  200. Vanessa Worrell says:

    Thank you. It can be use very well

  201. Elisabeth says:

    Thank you